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  • So thankful for these people!! No more pain

    - Stacey Winschel
  • Great service...very friendly....highly recommend😁

    - Frank Madkins
  • First time client and i just love the atmosphere, definitely coming back!

    - alexis whittier
  • The high reviews was what got me in the door. Top notch, well oiled assembly line, with very nice, knowledgeable staff, pretty well sums it up, in my opinion. Highly recommend, Dr Stark!

    - Rob Craft
  • Omg! This place is amazing!!!! This is the very first place i have seen with true reviews! The staff here are wonderful! Shelly is amazing !!! She takes her time and she's not there just for a paycheck. Lindsey is also amazing!

    - Tanisha Williams
  • The staff is awesome Shelly and Linsley are the best. They always provide exceptional care. Dr.Stark has a great staff.!!!!!!!! Awesome!

    - Tony Smith
  • When I first start receiving treatment I didn't believe in the service but after receiving the treatment I am a new believer that the chiropractors at this facility do a wonderful job.

    - Kerry Benton
  • Great group of people work here I had pleasant experiences only.

    - James Luster Jr
  • Dr Stark is friendly, helpful, and doesn't make you more nervous about your health condition than you already are. Great staff service.

    - Crystal Ellis
  • If you are going to choose a chiropractor choose Seven Hills Chiropractor!! This was my first experience being in need of a chiropractor Dr.Stark provides expert care and is very personable.

    - Kesha Jackson
  • The staff is excellent as well as the doctor. I have build a relationship with each and every one of them. Also the service is great!!!!

    - Lesha Williams
  • This place is awesome!!! And the staff is awesome!!! I started my treatment here about 2 weeks ago and I was in severe pain....now I'm in no pain....This place is out of sight☺! If you're having any problems with neck and back pain please visit The Back and Neck Center.

  • Dr. Stark is a pro in his field. His staff is very friendly and supportive....I always leave my appointments feeling AWESOME.

    - Cameron Clayborn
  • I always enjoy my experience here. They are very good at what they do. They also have me in and out in a very timely manner. I very rarely have to wait at all. The staff is friendly, and they make you feel comfortable.

    - Daniel May
  • Enjoyed my visits. The staff is super friendly, nice, and helpful.Dr. Starks is very knowledgeable and patient. I never felt rushed on my visits. I recommend this location if u have been in an accident, work in a body stressed field, or just need a good adjustment. Thank you Back & Neck Center.

    - Mareaka
  • Every time i leave there i awesome.

    - John King
  • I loved, loved, loved my experience with Dr. S and the whole team! Everyone is super nice. They are professional and know their stuff. Did treatment help? YES! Follow doc's instructions, come as scheduled and you'll be as good as new. Hope this helped your decision making process and happy healing :-)

    Show More - Nichelle Bogan
  • He is great love him

    - Patricia Gleghorn
  • I would recommend anyone who has any back are neck problems to come to Dr. Starks he real good Dr. and down to earth

    - Kelvin Ward
  • Great service Dr. Stark is awesome

    - Dominic Sharp
  • Dr. Stark and his staff are awesome and very professional. He is always in a good mood and very upbeat which I appreciate after a long day. I would highly recommend this office to anyone that has experienced a back or neck injury.

    - Andrea Gordon
  • I have been coming here for a few weeks now and i love it.. amazing and welcoming staff and doctors. never left in pain..well worth of checking out.

    - KEMORION cat
  • The staff are very polite. The Dr. Described the treatment as planned. He has helped my neck and back with the treatments . It was my first time seeing a chiropractor for it. The staff has very good customer service.

    - Shelley Stotler
  • Outstanding customer service, entire staff wonderful and welcoming. Everyone very knowledgeable and suggestive on improvement of my injury. recommend their services....

    - H. Michelle Boone- Combs
  • Dr. Stark has changed my opinion of chiropractics. I always thought once you go, you go for life. Stark takes the approach of healing and eliminating the problem. He's very thorough is his treatment. Stark, his associate and staff are very nice to work with. I highly recommend.

    - Ty Lee
  • Great Chiropractor. Has helped me several times. I would highly recommend this clinic.

    - Kyle Roesler
  • Best Chiropractor ever had, recommend to anybody that needs a Chiropractor.

    - Cheryl Meier
  • I had a severe back problem. I mean every time I took a step it was extremely painful. Dr. Stark reviewed my ex-rays and pointed out the back problem I had and assured me that he could resolve eighty to ninety percent of my severe back pain.

    - William Walker
  • I have been seeing dr stark for over 14 years, the staff is great. Dr stark has helped me with my back & neck as a result of falls/car accidents/sciatic nerve pain. I have not had an injection in two 1/2 years for my sciatic pain.

    - Delphine Cobb
  • Dr Stark was very sincere and helpful. The staff also demonstrated excellent customer service. I was extremely pleased with the overall care and concern shown towards me as well as the quality of service. I highly recommend them to anyone.

    - Connie Bobo

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