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Chiropractic adjustments are a staple procedure provided by chiropractors. They enhance nervous system function, and in return, improve your overall well-being. At Back & Neck Care Center of North County, serving Florissant, MO, and the nearby region, our Dr. Jeffrey Stark recommends this treatment to aid in pain relief and healing for a number of conditions. Let's discuss. 

General Information 

When our chiropractor administers chiropractic adjustments at our Florissant, MO, office, he'll ask you to lay on a table on your front. From there, our practitioner will correct any misalignments in your spine manually, allowing the discs and vertebrae to line up properly and reduce any stress on the nearby nerves and soft tissue. 

Through this process, our practitioner is optimizing your nervous system function. Your nerves will then be able to communicate effectively, which can correct a number of issues. 

Besides nervous system function, spinal adjustments also improve circulation. As a result, blood flows more optimally throughout your body, allowing vital nutrients to circulate. Of particular importance is that the nutrients that are necessary for healing will reach injured areas. 

It's important to note that a majority of patients require more than one treatment to get the full results. 

Who Benefits From Chiropractic Adjustments 

Many individuals who come to our office benefit from chiropractic adjustments. For instance, our practitioner may recommend the treatment if you have a herniated or bulging disc, headaches, or arthritis, to name a few. 

Additionally, we should note that it's beneficial to patients with sciatica - symptoms caused by pressure or damage to the sciatic nerve from herniated discs, pregnancy, or another cause. 

We also provide alignments to those who have neck problems, including whiplash after a car accident or other person injury. 

Determining if Chiropractic Adjustments Are Right for You 

Although chiropractic adjustments are safe for most people, certain people shouldn't receive this treatment due to safety concerns. At our practice, we make sure the treatment is safe for you by conducting a thorough analysis of your condition and medical history. 

During the evaluation, we'll look at any medical conditions you have as well as the severity. We'll consider what the benefits of the treatment are to you. And in some cases, our practitioner may perform X-rays to evaluate your problem and spinal health in general.

Dr. Stark of Back & Neck Care Center of North County, serving Florissant, MO, and the neighboring communities, wants you to know that chiropractic adjustments are more than "back cracking." They're a healing technique that can benefit many patients with pain and are safe for most people. 

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